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3 Things I Learned from Climbing the Eiffel Tower

I mean, I joined a gym, but I did not train for this. I’ve also now quit that gym. My performance up those 674 steps did not reflect a well-invested $900 into my gym membership. But by no means do I regret taking the stairs. It’s part of what made the experience. Ignoring the internal pressure I felt to keep up the pace, I liked the fact that I had the liberty to take my time and enjoy the view on the way up as opposed to being crammed in a cage in near 30 degree heat with other sweaty tourists. There was also some stuff to read along the way (which I occasionally pretended to read in order to catch my breath) which you would completely miss taking the elevator.
Squeaky Beach
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twenty eighteen.

What an incredible year. Twenty eighteen was, from start to finish, an intense journey through what felt like every possible low and high I could have experienced. For those who…
Raindrops black and white road
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To My 8th Grade Teacher

I’ve been ruminating a lot as of late about the people who have unexpectedly and perhaps unknowingly left a significant mark on my life. It’s strange to think that some…