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Bagels from Huff Bagelry, Carnegie, Melbourne
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Huff Bagelry

If there were a Disneyland for all things bagel, Huff Bagelry would be it. From choc-chip to blueberry to pizza to poppyseed – Huff Bagelry has you covered. The bagels…
Buttermilk Pancakes at Little Chloe Café, Malvern East, Melbourne
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Little Chloe Café

Trying new cafés in Melbourne is always exciting because you never know what kind of spin they will put on your usual go-to meal, or whether you’ll be discovering your…
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Kitty Burns

My whole entire birthday was spent indulging in amazing food, more amazing food, and even more amazing food! On most days, I feel like my choices of where to eat…
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The Crux & Co

I feel like there are a lot more people who know about the cafe opposite this place than this actual cafe itself. Inside this cafe is an undeniably impressive contemporary…
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I went to Yuzu for the second time, which is a Japanese restaurant in the Melbourne CBD, and decided to break habit and try something different. The first time I…
Rustica Canteen
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Brunch at Rustica Canteen

My sister suggested we try this place called Rustica Canteen and I had seen plenty of tempting photos all over instagram of this place and their doughnuts. We were in…