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Hilfiger and Vintage Denim

Summer days and time off during the middle of the week? Wouldn’t mind more of that! OUTFIT DETAILS TOMMY HILFIGER Heritage Shirt (SHOP HERE) VINTAGE Denim Shorts MICHAEL KORS Bag  
Princess Polly playsuit
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twenty one.

On the 17th of April 2016, I made it into official adulthood! Despite the massive hangover I had the next day and not being able to remember the last couple…
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hello calvin.

I first spotted this on Urban Outfitters and had it sitting in a tab for so long, contemplating whether or not it was worth it after converting it from USD…
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epitome of comfy.

  I want to live in these pants forever. Seriously. The material isn’t super thick but it’s opaque enough that it’s not see-through. The drawstring basically makes it a cross…
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kitty goes to school.

Wearing this skirt brings back good memories of shopping along 4th street promenade in Santa Monica, and New Years Eve. It’s probably one of the more versatile and comfier skirts…
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Jacqueline de Yong.

  SHIRT: J.D.Y. Clean Shirt Fairly sure I could own twenty white shirts and blouses and still be able to tell the difference between them all.