23 y.o.

I started blogging and teaching myself super basic HTML and CSS when I was 10, and over the years I went through several different platforms only to realise I didn’t find the pressure to write good blog content appealing at all. The only things I ever enjoyed about every blog I made was the creation of the blog itself and the odd re-vamp every few months. I learned that I’m less of a writer and more of a creator of harmonious colour schemes and oddly satisfying layouts of content on screens. If you know what you’re doing when it comes to front-end stuff, here’s my cry for help as there are many changes needed here that I’m unable to make as a complete amateur. So this blog has evolved into primarily a visual storybook of sorts as I love to share photos and they tell far better stories than I could with words. I also dropped off Facebook forever ago so for anyone that’s been trying to stalk me over the last few years, here you go.


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