twenty eighteen.

Squeaky Beach

What an incredible year. Twenty eighteen was, from start to finish, an intense journey through what felt like every possible low and high I could have experienced. For those who like visuals, this is pretty much how it played out:

I don’t usually do these year in reviews because 1) it requires effort; 2) it usually needs to include something new and interesting to be worth the time creating; and 3) I believe it should generally spark some sort of joy or feelings of accomplishment. My past couple of years have been rather unworthy of any sort of recap, and to illustrate my point, here are more pretty pictures:

Rather than divulging all the shitty moments in my year for the sake of having a balanced summary of twenty eighteen, I thought I’d for once, be a little less hard on myself by focusing on all the fun/cool stuff that made last year a great one.


I went to the NGV Triennial.

Despite living in Melbourne all my life I don’t think I’d been inside the NGV once before. Or if I had, I was way too young to remember. Or maybe I just have a really bad memory.


Brandon Stanton Humans of New York

I saw Brandon Stanton.

This was definitely one of the highlights of my year. He’s been inspiring to me in so many ways and after watching countless videos of his talks for a uni assignment a few months prior, never did I think I’d actually get to be one of those lucky people in the audience.


Right ear: triple helix, conch, double lobe

I got my first helix piercing.

So after 14 years of being a little bitch about the whole piercing thing, I finally got it done. I got a few more done later in the year after realising it wasn’t as bad as I thought puncturing cartilage was going to be, and if I had just got it done years ago the healing process would be well and truly over by now. At the time of writing this, I’m currently at a total count of 11 piercings.


Escape Room

I did an escape room for the first time.

Wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I realised I’m a little slow at these things and half the time my mind was playing catch-up.


League of Honest Coffee

I finally got off the bench.

After way too many non-billable hours of being a pseudo-billable project team member or just project-less, I finally got a chargeable role on a project – and most importantly, near a good coffee place!


Green Ps

I got my Ps!

Failed my hazard perception test once and my instructor had to use his emergency break to stop me from driving into oncoming traffic as we were approaching VicRoads but whatever, I still passed my driving test on the first go.


I went to an outdoor cinema.

Thanks Janice for sharing your cool work perks 😛 We saw Love Simon and I got way too emotional.


Phillip Island
Photo cred: Dru

I went to Phillip Island with cool people.

Gradaway 2.0. (view gallery here). These weekends away were actually much needed to break the monotonous eat-sleep-work cycle each week.


I dined at Dinner by Heston.

Everything was impressive, though my favourite part of the night was when Lauren found out she’d been eating pancreas. (view gallery)


I got my nails done multiple times.

The only time I’d had them done before was years ago in a little salon in the lower grounds of Sunway Pyramid, KL. In the past, I’d never really done anything fancy to them because I always had to keep them short for piano and then three years in a job that required food handling meant I also couldn’t wear any nail polish. Now, I’ve given myself the freedom to make them all purdy. SNS all the way.


I survived a hike at Wilson’s Prom.

My fitness levels are appalling. The views were 100% worth it. Discovered a new favourite beach I still have yet to revisit. Golden hour felt unreal.


Camberwell Market

I ran my third Camberwell market stall.

When will it stop? Who knows. There always seems to be an ever-growing collection of clothes I can no longer fit into or that no longer suit me.


I had an amazing birthday brunch at Serotonin.

I’d been wanting to try the pancakes for the longest time and of course, was keen yo order a latte with a big smiley face on it. YUM.


I finally caught up with my cousins.

It sucks that having all six of us together is such a rarity, and I hope that we can do this more often. Always good to see everyone and the food and cupcakes you guys prepared were unbelievable.


I went to London, Paris, Marseille, Barcelona, Rome, and Santorini for the first time!

And all in the short span of a couple of weeks. IT WAS FULL ON. In spite of how crazy our itinerary was, this trip to Europe (+ London) was the best experience I’ve had travelling. It also made me realise how much I’d missed photography. Can’t wait to revisit soon 🙂


Sydney Harbour Bridge

I hopped on a plane by myself for the first time.

So truth be told this was a shit experience but I made it through so it’s making the list.


I saw Mamma Mia The Musical.

This brings back childhood memories. A lady in front of us also turned around before the show started and flattered me with compliments which was nice.


Poké Bowls

I made a lot of poké bowls.

I’ve lost count of the number of poké bowls I’ve consumed this year but it’s definitely comparable to the amount of coffee I drink a week. We decided to DIY them several times this year and I reckon we did really well.


I moved out of home.

Wow. I pay bills now.


I made my first grown up shopping trip to IKEA.

Every IKEA trip I’ve made over the years has involved some sort of soliloquy in which I reveal my big plans to live out my high school dream as an interior designer whenever I get the chance to design my own space one day. Well, that day finally happened and after hours of scrolling through Pinterest I put together a big shopping list and decided to go all out.


Photo cred: Dru

I went to Blairgowrie with cool people.

Gradaway 3.0.


I attended three big(ish) work functions.

Nothing major, but I guess I’d always avoided these because I was never feeling up to it and big crowds used to hit me with anxiety real bad. Actually stayed a really long time at both the EOFY, Halloween, and Christmas party this year but also free drinks so why not.


I climbed a bunch of trees and fell on my ass many times.

Family fun day at the Enchanted Garden at Arthur’s Seat. I learned I’m not very agile, nor am I very fond of children.

General Assembly UX Design
Over a year ago in June 2017.

I’m finally doing UX Design!

Yayayayayayayayyyyyyyyyy 😀 Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to sit down and talk UX with me, share their advice, and for showing me so much support <3 <3 <3


Haribo Vodka Gummy Bears

I had my first housewarming.

Does this mean I’m a real adult now? We made vodka gummy bears for the first time and probably tried to finish way too many on the first night. They taste way better after at least two weeks in the fridge. It was lovely to have so many amazing people join us and I was especially touched knowing how far away some people were travelling from.


Gong Cha Pearl Milk Tea

I drank my first real bubble tea!

Thanks gong cha for offering soy and also not charging extra. I’m addicted.


I bleached my hair. . . three times.

My hair kind of hates me now. I’d been dying my hair for well over a year or two so having to strip out all the colour meant it was harder to lift. I think I was a level 4 before and I’m now at mostly a level 9 (I think). I should probably clarify this process occurred over 4-5 months, not in one session.



I got to see my sister graduate.

Welcome to full time work foo.


It was an insane year. A productive one. A healthy one. NEEEXXXXTTT!