Free Coffee?! Cento Mani Café

Coffee at Cento Mani Café, Flinders Street, Melbourne CBD

Cento Mani Café has officially become my recommended place to go for coffee in Melbourne. If you love to get almond milk in your coffee and have found that a lot of other places either burn it or you’re not a fan of the almond milk they use, stop by this cozy little café on Flinders Street and give it a try!

Oh, and if you’re sick of paying $0.50 – $1.00 extra just for almond milk, you’ll be delighted to know that Cento Mani only charges 30 cents extra 🙂

Coffee at Cento Mani Café, Flinders Street, Melbourne CBD

Every morning on the way to work I’d pop by Cento Mani Café for my breakfast bagel and coffee. A bagel with peanut butter and an almond milk cappuccino would come to just under $10.

The service is friendly and efficient and the girls serving me are always smiling, which is the kind of positivity you want when you’re starting off your day! Arriving before 8:30am in the morning helped to beat the crowd as it usually got quite packed after that. I’ve popped by in the afternoon too and they also seemed to be fairly busy for such a tiny place.

How To Get A Free Coffee!

If you end up loving their coffee or any of their food, snap a cool pic and hashtag + tag them on Instagram and share it with them the next time you visit to redeem your free coffee. I think this is such a cool way to get the word out and if you’re like me and take photos everywhere you go, you may as well, right?

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