Little Chloe Café

Trying new cafés in Melbourne is always exciting because you never know what kind of spin they will put on your usual go-to meal, or whether you’ll be discovering your new favourite eatery, or what unique food creations you may stumble across. We stopped by Little Chloe Café on the weekend and because Seb’s been on a keto diet and finally did a re-feed that weekend, which I didn’t want to got to waste, picking a promising café was of utmost importance!

Menu at Little Chloe Café, Malvern East, Melbourne

Little Chloe Café, Malvern East, Melbourne

It was probably around 1pm when we got to Little Chloe and it was mostly full. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait for a table and were seated right away. I noticed from the moment we walked in that the staff were attentive, warm, and welcoming!

We ordered coffees to start. My almond cappuccino was made well – a good temperature, not burnt, and there was no weird almond flavour that some places have when they use almond milk. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s something I’m always wary of.

Cappuccino Coffee at Little Chloe Café, Malvern East, Melbourne

Coffee Infused Banana Bread at Little Chloe Café, Malvern East, Melbourne

The first item on the menu was quick to grab our attention – COFFEE INFUSED BANANA BREAD. I love coffee, I love banana bread. This has to be the most perfect thing ever, I thought. At that moment I was extremely grateful that it was re-feed weekend because we were able to order it to share 😛 It came with two very generous slices and a decent amount of butter and jam on the side, which we thought was extremely worth it for $8! The banana bread wasn’t dry or overly sweet which I really liked, although the hints of coffee flavour was only very subtle. Regardless, I would definitely order this again.

Tasmanian Smoked Salmon at Little Chloe Café, Malvern East, Melbourne

Tasmanian Smoked Salmon at Little Chloe Café, Malvern East, Melbourne

Tasmanian Smoked Salmon at Little Chloe Café, Malvern East, Melbourne

For my main meal I went for the Tasmanian Smoked Salmon and Seb went for the Buttermilk Pancakes. All of our food came out at the same time and the wait time wasn’t even that long, which was much appreciated by my grumbling belly 🙂 They certainly do not skimp on portions which is a huge positive note as no one likes to leave hungry for more food.

The combination of flavours on my plate worked really well together and the pomegranate and grapes added a nice acidity and freshness. I would have liked if the potato rosti were a slightly bigger component in the dish. However, it was overall a very satisfying meal for which I would gladly return to Little Chloe Café.

Buttermilk Pancakes at Little Chloe Café, Malvern East, Melbourne


Seb’s thoughts on the pancakes:

The fluffy cake like texture really made eating these a delight. The runny jam on top was a perfect touch, as the pancakes themselves weren’t too sweet and needed just a bit of and extra sour sweetness.

While the marshmallows were a nice touch, their sweetness really overpowered the flavour of the pancakes and the “jam syrup”. An extra smear of mascarpone would have been sufficient.

Overall the pancakes came in perfect portion sizes, easy to eat and every bite was a burst of flavour that wasn’t overpowering, making you want to savour the taste and take your time enjoying every forkful.

Short: Forking Delicious

I’m so glad we gave this café a go and I think we were both able to agree by the end that it might just be a new favourite 😛

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