Driving from Melbourne to Sydney: Road Trip – Day 1!

I finished my last uni exam ever (hopefully) on Monday 5th June, which was perfectly timed as it allowed me to celebrate and enjoy the Queen’s Birthday long weekend that followed. To kick off the no-more-uni celebrations, Seb and I hit the road at 3:30am on Friday morning en route to Sydney!

Driving from Melbourne to Sydney

You’re so crazy – why would you drive to Sydney?!

  1. I’ve never done it before.
  2. Road trips can be fun.
  3. Still worked out cheaper than flying.

Not being behind the wheel meant that I was able to get in some more ZZZ’s in the car until we made our first stop at Macca’s Benalla around 6am. Here, I began my four-day binge on all things processed and bad for you.

McDonald's McCafé Coffee

It was terribly hard to see anything 20m or more ahead of us during the first half of the drive due to the amount of fog around us. For anyone who has seen the movie Final Destination, this is what we encountered at one point:

Driving from Melbourne to Sydney

Our second stop was after we’d officially crossed the border into NSW, where we stopped from some breakfast at Mr. Benedict in Albury.

I made an attempt to be healthy and got the fruit loaf and Seb ordered some bacon and eggs – really cute café and despite our somewhat boring choices of food, there were actually some interesting options on the menu.

Mr. Benedict Menu, Albury NSW

Mr. Benedict Menu, Albury NSW

Mr. Benedict Coffee, Albury NSW

Mr. Benedict Fruit Loaf, Albury NSW

During the rest of our journey we made only two quick stopovers: one at some random submarine and another at a giant sheep. I’m sure they have proper names for these attractions but clearly, I wasn’t really feeling them.

We reached the Sydney CBD exactly 12 hours after we left Melbourne. I didn’t realise until we got there but our hotel was actually located in Chinatown. We stayed at the Metro Hotel Marlow on Pitt Street and found that it was a decent walking distance from the main places we planned on going to.

Sydney View from the Metro Hotel Marlow on Pitt

We ventured to Westfield for dinner and ended up eating at a sushi train place called Ryu at the top level. Something I noticed whilst walking through the city is that there are so many sushi trains in Sydney, whereas I feel that we are very limited here in Melbourne for choices of affordable sushi train. We tend to eat at Sushi Hotaru (check out my review!) a fair bit and were used to having an iPad in front of us to conveniently make our orders. At Ryu, you pretty much just call them over each time you want to order something that’s not on the train.

Sushi at Ryu, Sushi Train, Bondi Junction,

Takoyaki at Ryu, Sushi Train, Bondi Junction,

California Roll at Ryu, Sushi Train, Bondi Junction,

Soft Shell Crab Roll at Ryu, Sushi Train, Bondi Junction,

Sushi at Ryu, Sushi Train, Bondi Junction,

The standout food item for us was definitely the handrolls! I loved them so much I ordered two. They had a satsifying amount of filling to rice ratio and stayed in tact. The plates were colour-coded according to price and ranged from $3.00 a plate to $8.00 a plate. For roughly two people it would generally end up being around $40-50 in total.

If anyone has any Melbourne sushi train recommendations – let me know as they’re always a go-to for me!

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