Dainty Jewellery from Etsy Store Ahri Foxx

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to win two gorgeous necklaces for myself and a friend from Ahri Foxx, which is an Etsy store that makes dainty jewellery perfect for those who love minimalist styles and fashion. I don’t usually enter myself into many Instagram competitions but I’d been following this boutique for a while and genuinely adore their designs! So the friend I chose to give the second necklace to is actually my sister, as she loves dainty silver jewellery and thought it would suit her really well.

Dainty Jewellery from Ahri Foxx

As much fun as statement pieces are, simple and delicate accessories are my go-to for every day. They provide the perfect balance of looking presentable and put-together without looking like you spent too much time coordinating your outfit!

They were very efficient in reaching out and sending me the necklaces, and thoughtfully, provided a tracking number for me to use. The items were well protected in a padded envelope and each necklace was neatly encased in a clear acrylic box.

First impressions are so important and right off the bat, I got the sense that a lot of care and thought had been put into the overall design and packaging. They do a really great job of communicating their brand across in that initial physical contact their customers have with their items. The clean and minimal feel of their online brand image is consistent with what you see and feel with the actual products themselves. Their decision to go with an acrylic case instead of say, a little drawstring bag or just the card itself, significantly adds to its perception of quality. It’s also extremely handy for having somewhere to keep your jewellery safe when you’re not wearing it.

Dainty Jewellery from Ahri Foxx


I tried on the necklace straight away after opening it and instantly fell in love with how dainty it looks and how perfect the length is. I wouldn’t quite classify it as a choker but it sits at a really nice length for wearing with higher neck and lower-cut tops. The design adds a sophisticated and classy elegant look, and I love that it works for both day and night time too. Very easily, it has become one of my favourite pieces! (Shop the same necklace here)

When I received it, I was honestly just expecting the necklaces, but they were kind enough to include some cute patches and stickers and a note! One of the best things about supporting etsy boutiques is that everything feels more personalised and that’s something that you wouldn’t get when shopping at a larger jewellery store at your local shopping centre.

Dainty Jewellery from Ahri Foxx

If you’re looking to spoil yourself with something pretty or in need of a gift for someone special, I highly recommend that you check out their store!


  1. These necklaces are so beautiful and minimalist – definitely your style! <3 Buying from small sellers is always such a lovely experience and it is so sweet when you can tell that they are so happy to send the product out. It really says a lot about a brand and how they think of their customers. I will definitely be checking out their Etsy shop – although I can imagine postage prices to be a little steep here to the UK! 🙁

    Also, when did you transfer over to this new site? It looks amazing! <3



    1. OH yes I know I’v seen so many cool things on etsy but the postage from the seller’s country to Australia is so much D:

      And thank you hun! <3 I transferred over most of my stuff in this past week 🙂 Still migrating some stuff over here and there like blogs I was following and linked accounts but slowly getting there haha 😛

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