Day 6 in Koh Samui || Thailand

Ah yes, our final morning in Koh Samui. We enjoyed as much of our last buffet breakfast as we could  – Lauren stocked up on the bacon and I downed many pieces of papaya. They had the really nice mexican-style salad I liked and I ended up munching through a couple of bowls of that. Two of the lovely staff members came around to check on us at breakfast to inform us of the wine tasting happening at night and a few of the Christmas events coming up, but learned we were checking out at noon. Our flight wasn’t until the late evening so we hung around our usual area by the beach and ordered some food and drinks after checking out.

I got two more iced coffees and we shared some fries (the healthy choice, of course). Though the weather in the morning at breakfast was pouring down, the sky cleared up fairly quickly and it was all blue skies and sunshine from then on. In fact, it was probably the best weather during the whole trip. I guess Koh Samui let us enjoy one last day there before we left!

Our flight was supposed to depart at around 6:30pm. However, after being dropped off at Samui Airport, we found out that our flight had been delayed by an hour. This wasn’t like any other airport I’d been to either. Pretty much the whole airport is open and outdoors and there aren’t as many shops and cafés as other places. We browsed through whatever shops were there and sat around in the heat before deciding to just camp out in one of the cafés that were open with air conditioning. As we were nearing our flight time, we found out that our flight was delayed by another 20 minutes. Not fun.

Closer to our departure time, we entered the lounge area and waited to board. We noticed everyone had big white boxes of food that kind of opened like pizza boxes and were puzzled as we were to board soon. Shortly after sitting down and finishing a whole entire bag of prawn crackers, a lady came around to us and we realised that she had been the one giving out all the boxes of food. Inside the box was the usual kind of plane food – I got some fried rice, fruit, and water. We had to eat all of it pretty fast as we didn’t have much time and we also thought that that was our onboard meal given to us early since our flight had been delayed.

However, not long after we had taken off, the cabin crew came around and handed everyone their meals. It was so confusing. Everyone was pretty much given two full meals within the span of an hour. The flight time from Koh Samui to Kuala Lumpur was pretty quick – about 1 hour and 20 minutes. It sometimes takes even longer for me to get to uni! When we landed and tried to claim our baggage, we had to run around and hunt it down as it had already been taken off the carousel. The immigration line held us up so much. We waited probably an hour in the queue. There were so many people. By the time we got to my grandparents’ place, it was nearly midnight and we headed straight for bed.

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