Day 5 in Koh Samui || Thailand

Today was our last day before we leave Koh Samui. The morning was pretty relaxed, we basically stayed in our rooms after breakfast. Lauren and I stayed up until nearly 4am last night listening to nostalgic music from our childhood. We were listening to everything from disney to hilary duff to jesse mccartney (lol). Needless to say, we were tired from our hardcore raving.

We went down to the resort bar by the beach in the early afternoon for some lunch. I wasn’t feeling too hungry so I just got an italian minestrone soup and an iced coffee. The service at the Royal Muang Samui Villas has been extremely friendly and the staff are very observant. During our stay here we’ve come to know a few of them. What I really enjoy about this place is that the staff actually remember you and talk to you so it feels more personal whereas at other hotels, you don’t really get that kind of experience. It is also partly due to the fact that we seem to be the only ones eating at the hotel restaurant every night.

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Dad wanted us to swim again before we leave so we could make the most out of the resort facilities. Though there was no more sun it was cooling and we were able to soak up the view.

Every Wednesday night, there are markets held across the street from where we’re staying. We went to go check it out before dinner. There were mainly accessories and food available and a lot of the stores were selling the same things. We walked further down the road and browsed a few of the shops. I ended up buying 2 trousers and a tank top and I only spent about 650 baht which is equivalent to roughly $26. Both of the pants I bought are worn high-waisted with elasticised cuffs at the bottom and are made from a thin float patterned material. Some may think they are questionable but I like them both and they are super comfy and breathable for summer!

Dinner was at a restaurant at the front of our hotel and the same singers from the other few nights were there because of the markets. We ordered some dishes to share and some brown jasmine rice. All four of us also ordered fresh coconuts for our drinks because we realized we hadn’t had any yet this trip. It was so refreshing after walking around in the humidity.

We found a little snail crossing our path on the way back to our room.

Check-out tomorrow is at 12pm but our flight is much later in the evening. We’ll probably hang around the resort for a bit before we leave the island 🙁

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