Day 4 in Koh Samui || Thailand

This morning both me and my sister were woken up by the loud banging of the wooden doors from the storm outside. We could hear the heavy rain beating down and winds pushing the doors against the frame. My first thought was “oh no, what could we possibly do today in this weather?” But only about a couple of minutes later, it all came to a complete stop – our doors stopped rattling and it was back to being peacefully quiet outside.

Breakfast was the usual, only today they had soy milk available so I was finally able to order myself a nice and much-needed latte! 🙂 I tried getting something from the omelette station today. You get to pick the ingredients you want in it and then they make it for you on the spot.

As the weather had cleared up, we changed into some appropriate clothing and shoes for a morning walk along the beach. I decided to wear a top that mum had given to me a while ago and I’ve been meaning to wear since last summer. It has a very beachy and feminine look to it and I love the fluted sleeves. The lace detailing makes it really cooling to wear. I paired this with a pair of crochet shorts from Billabong. The sandals I wore were from Famous Footwear and the brand is London Rebel. It took me a while to find shoes that were a step up from havainas but not too dressy.

Not long after our walk and returning to our hotel area, it started pouring down. And I mean, like how it rains like a full on shower all of a sudden in the movies and makes you think “that’s so unrealistic!”

We ran back all the way to our room and I was doing my best to keep my camera and phone dry in the camera bag I had. When we got to our room we were completely soaked so Lauren and I got into our nice silky dressing gowns and just chilled for the next couple of hours.

My parents went for massages by the beach later on in the afternoon once the rain stopped. Dad was pretty keen on us using the pool at least once during our trip so we joined them for some snacks and drinks when they were done and hopped in the pool. I hadn’t been swimming since our last Thailand trip two years ago. I missed it quite a bit so I’m probably going to make more of an effort this summer to go swimming!


    1. Oh you should definitely make a visit! We went during December though which I think is their wet season so we got a fair bit of rain and cloud during our whole holiday, but on the other hand, the weather in July over there can be scorching hot!


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