Day 3 in Koh Samui || Thailand

The night was slightly restless due to the incessant itchiness of my bites. When I woke up, I noticed that the swelling had spread. On my left hand, you could no longer see my knuckles and instead I only had one knuckle dimple. Mum told me that my hand looks like what it used to when I was a chubby kid.

We had breakfast at the buffet again and I chose pretty much the same things as yesterday. I feel like I won’t be changing it up too much for the rest of this trip.
After we ate, we booked a taxi at the reception to take us to the Big Buddha and a temple, and to what they told us is the largest shopping complex in Koh Samui. We arrived at the temple but were pressed for time as our taxi driver had to wait until we were done to take us to our next location. The Big Buddha required all visitors to be covered up – mainly no off-shoulders and no shorts. There was a monk sitting out the front telling people to go wrap up. To go up the steps, you have to take your shoes off. It was extremely hot and I was feeling itchy and in pain all over and I could not be bothered to unlace my nikes. My parents went up whilst Lauren and I waited at the bottom.

The shopping complex we went to was called Central Festival and it reminded me very much of harbour town. It had two levels and was all open. The prices were on par or if not, more, particularly in the department stores. We’re still trying to find a good set of markets to go to where we can find more unique items and clothing.

We were all pretty beat after our first two stops in the morning so we went straight to Starbucks to get some coffee in us. I really miss my coffee 🙁
We got back to the resort in the afternoon and chilled for a while in our rooms before making our way to the gym. Yes, the gym. I don’t think any of us have been to one before and I guess you could say this was our attempt at making this a not so lazy holiday. My parents seem quite keen on all this fitness stuff, particularly for their health. I think we need someone to teach us all the right stuff first though so we can get our facts straight and not injure ourselves.

Right after burning off a few calories (very few), we feasted on a three course set menu of some real Thai food! We were the only ones in the restaurant for most of the night and hence, the only audience to two live singers. Both of them were actually really good and probably better than some of those X factor contestants.
I wanted to order a mango juice but the waiter kindly suggested that I order a watermelon juice instead as it was actually fresh. I took his suggestion and my parents ordered a couple of cocktails served inside pineapples. Our entrée consisted of two prawn spring rolls, an apricot sauce, and two chicken satays. The sauce was surprisingly good and had a bit of a kick to it. Our mains came out on a round wooden slab of what looked like part of a tree trunk. There were five little pots on it, each filled with a different dish. The tom yum soup was very spicy but flavoursome, and the curry had a good amount of heat. The other dishes were steamed broccoli and cashews, mushroom and pork, and red snapper. Each was unique and the portions were enough to fill us up whilst allowing us to try each one. We were all so full by the end of it and we completely forgot that dessert was still to come! In front of us we had some warm mango and sticky rice. It tasted good but I think I was way too full to appreciate it.

I sense lots of weight gain on this trip…

Watch the vlog here!

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