Day 2 in Koh Samui || Thailand

7am: KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. “Girls! Wake up! The sun is out!”

So after a dreadful and muggy first day, we woke up on Sunday morning with the sun shining bright. Eager to make the most of it and not knowing how long it would last, we got ready quickly and headed down towards our breakfast buffet. The breakfast selection had a great mix of healthy options and different cuisines. I bee-lined straight to the colourful assortment of tropical fruits and fresh veggies and filled up my plate with some juicy dragonfruit and papaya. They also had this really light and fluffy pandan cake and a row of hot foods including congee, omlettes, pancakes, bacon, etc. One thing I really miss is my daily (or more than daily) coffee! They seem to be on and off with their availability of soy milk here so I’ve been a little deprived of my morning cuppa.

Straight after breakfast, we made our way toward the beach and booked ourselves on two large round cushioned lounge chairs. It felt amazing to finally enjoy the sun and the cool sea breeze. Shortly after, the water started getting rougher and the tide was moving higher. It began to drizzle so we picked up our stuff and moved further in to the deck chairs near the pool. Thankfully the rain and clouds passed quickly and we carried on with our lazy day.

My family ordered some mojitos and I got a cooling mango martini. We had some snacks leftover from the day before, which I proceeded to pig out on whilst soaking up the sun. For most of the afternoon I played through my spotify playlists and engrossed myself in my book. Later on, we moved down to the beach again and ordered more snacks and drinks. I felt like quite a fatty going through an entire plate of fries myself but you know, holidays do that to people.

Lauren and I braided each other’s hair by the pool when we realized it was way too hot to keep our hair down. I’m not that great at doing fancy hair stuff anymore so I only managed a normal braid for her whilst she gave me a very pretty fishtail braid. My dress is from Espirit and was actually mum’s. She didn’t want it anymore so I took it and it fit me perfectly when I tried it on! The buttons down the middle made it really easy to take on and off when I felt like relaxing in swimwear.

We checked out one of the restaurants towards the front of the resort and ate dinner outside. My whole family decided to order a lobster each whilst I went ahead and got myself a less interesting meal of spinach fettuccini with plain napoli sauce. That’s right, more carbs!

The insect bite on the back of my left hand was a lot worse today. It’s all swollen and painful so dad went out to get me some cream for it. The one inside my right wrist is also swelling up a lot more. I don’t think I could deal with anymore bites!


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